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Edition 2015
“You can't describe the passion, you can only live it”. The Torneo Internazionale dell’Amicizia is organized with the aim to give athletes and volunteers the opportunity to live a week dedicated to sport and emotions. It is a source of great satisfaction to connect teams of different people, languages and cultures which share in common passion and enthusiasm for the game of Soccer. A game that promotes comparison, communication and allows us to spend time with other people of similar mind and heart.

The 15th edition will take place from the 26th to the 29th of August 2015 and would like to offer a stimulating experience to both the young players participating to the tournament and the local area of San Giorgio della Richinvelda. It will create an opportunity to share the love of the game and fulfill the expectations of the passionate followers with many interesting news.
FC Porto, one of the most prosperous teams in Portugal and Europe, will be part of the tournament for the first time. As a premiere Toronto FC, who just celebrated the signing of the player Sebastian Giovinco, will represent the American continent. This is for us an exciting experience and for them and opportunity to evaluate the development of their soccer movement through the comparison with European teams.
GNK Dinamo Zagreb will represent Croatia in the tournament: Boban, Modric and Kovacic are just some of the talents who flourished under the wing of the club before then became successful in teams such as Milan, Real Madrid and Inter.

There will be numerous Italian teams whose youth sector is a vital resource for the soccer world: Inter, AtalantaTorino and Vicenza are the teams chosen to stand for the Italian tricolor.
Many are the talented players who have participated in the past editions of the Torneo dell’Amicizia and achieved their dream of becoming professional players: Vito Mannone, Mattia Longo e Gianmario Comi are just a few examples.

The organising committee aims to help young regional players to develop, by giving them the chance to compare themselves with some international professional soccer schools. This is proved by the presence of Udinese and Gravis, the only two teams that took part in all the fifteen editions of the event. For this same reason Pordenone and Sacilese enthusiastically participate, two societies that work to promote the growth of the most promising young players in the province of Pordenone, as Liventina does in Veneto region.

The organising committee wishes to thank all the supporters of the tournament, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Provincia di Pordenone, Comune di San Giorgio della Richinvelda and Friulovest Banca and all the authorities, companies and private entrepreneurs that provide essential resources which help to keep the event alive. Gratitude goes also to the sport societies of Pordenone, Casarsa, Rauscedo e Valvasone Arzene, that allow the use of their facilities. 

The organising committee.
Associazione Torneo Internazionale dell'Amicizia, via Colonia 10 - San Giorgio della Richinvelda (Pn) - Italia | P. IVA 01240310936
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